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Free Improvisation Society

Are you a classically trained musician but have always been curious about improvisation? Are you a jazz musician but want to explore other sound possibilities? Are you longing for a free space to express yourself free from assessments and regulations and meet fun and interesting people on the way? Then this is the society for you.

The Free Improvisation Society gets together one evening a week and collectively explores sound and its possibilities through improvisation. The music and sounds we create are removed from a set idiom or musical language and more emphasis lies on communication through moods, textures and gestures. We also use electronically generated sounds and experiment using softwares such as Ableton, Logic and Max. Furthermore we will incorporate elements from popular culture. To avoid total chaos however, we will often work within certain frame works and structures.  

The society is open to all instrumentalist (you too, singers), including composers and conductors. By signing up you don't commit yourself to being there every week but will get information about the improv-evenings. Just turn up when you are free and want to have fun and challenge yourself.

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