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Oriental Society

The RCM Oriental Society aims to provide not only a family-like environment for students from the oriental countries to support and encourage each other during their oversea studying life, but also a platform for anyone interested in oriental culture to communicate and experience the art and philosophy of the eastern world.

Events and activities related to the oriental culture will be held, group gathering and meeting could also be arranged. As a friendly society, the Oriental Society is open for suggestions and ideas. 

In early 2017, held by Chengwei Li and Mutong Shao, the Chinese New Year Reception was a lively celebration to the 2017 Chinese New Year. This year we are aiming to bring back the same atmosphere but in the form of a concert. The 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Concert is scheduled to be held at 18:00 on the 15th of February in the Amaryllis Fleming Hall. Welcome to join our society and all our events and experience the Oriental Culture!

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