Getting Around London

Getting Around London

Student Oysters:

To get around London you will most likely need an Oyster card. Oyster cards are valid on all tubes and buses (note that London buses don’t take cash). With Oyster cards you can either pay as you go, or buy a monthly travel card. If you are travelling to college most days, it is best to get a travel card. Applying for a student oyster card costs £20 but it will mean you save 30% on your monthly travel card (If you have a 16-25 railcard and you get a student oyster, you can add the railcard discount to your student oyster meaning you get 34% off off-peak pay as you go travel as well). To apply for a student travel card visit once you have your student ID number (which will be in your registration e-mail). To fill in the application you will need your Student ID, course dates (for most students: 19 Sept 2016 to 7 July 2017, Fast-Track MMus and full-time MSc students' 19 Sept 2016 to 30 Sept 2017), and a digital photo of yourself.

City Mapper:

City Mapper is a mobile phone app that is really helpful for getting around London which we would suggest you download. It tells you the best route to and from specific destinations and will make it really easy to get around the city. It also informs you if there are any delay to your journey.


Uber is the cheapest way to get a taxi around London. It can be requested via an app on your phone and you can split fairs with others in your taxi. We suggest you download the app and use the RCM invite code: alexf1710.

Night Buses:

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the night buses, especially those from college and central London to where you live. If you are living in Prince Consort Village the 94 or the 266 are night buses that stop right outside, so are the best routes to use when planning.

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